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Transformers beast wars n64 - Episodes edit Main article List of Beast Wars Characters Voice Cast Garry Chalk Optimus Primal and Megatron Scott McNeil Rattrap Dinobot Waspinator Silverbolt II Richard Newman Rhinox the Vok Ian James Corlett Cheetor Sentinel Maximal Computer Blu Mankuma Tigatron Tigerhawk Unicron Pauline Newstone Airazor David Sobolov Depth Charge Kaye Don Brown Scorponok Alec Willows Tarantulas Doug Parker Terrorsaur Starscream Venus Terzo Blackarachnia Jim Byrnes Inferno Colin Murdock Quickstrike Campbell Lane Rampage Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff Predacon Lee Tockar Ravage Video games There have been two . No Unicron

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During the time they had rights to series GMTV also showed entirety of seasons one and two thenobscure digitalonly channel ITV. DVDEmpire. Darkness Memory Escape Family Warp City Challenge Showdown Homecoming Cybertron comic pudding While the Autobots were occupied with quest for Planet Keys Unicron heralds Ramjet and Nemesis Prime arrived Balancing Act intent unleashing Dead Matrix was antithesis of so too would ensure destruction Primus thereby totally destabilizing multiverse reducing sea entropic chaos. The first game simply called Beast Wars was released for PlayStation and PC. Galvatron however was not content to serve under Unicron and instead captured Autobot leader Emirate Xaaron forcing him fully awaken Primus who possessed body summoned Transformers from all across the universe back Cybertron | Transformers/Beast Wars FanFiction Archive | FanFiction

After life on Cybertron had begun to thrive four of the Guiding Hand withdrew back into light they sprung from only return combat Mortilus macabre experiments what became known as God War. War for Cybertron Transformers Legends Before he became Primus battled his evil brother Unicron their blows against one another shaking very foundation of cosmos

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Transformers: Beast Wars - WikipediaThe show was released on VHS tapes with very good Vietnamese dub then copied to VCD. CBS Interactive. Waspinator is loved by fans. Even now Hasbro is still producing new toy molds of fan favorite characters the show. Trukk not Munky became the banner and popular argument material for unhappy watchers. Throughout Cybertron devices carry his will the AllSpark creates protoforms in Well Sparks. Throughout the series stasis pods lose altitude and crashland on planet Maximals Predacons race fight to acquire them protoforms acquired by Megatron forces can be reprogrammed become

When The Fallen s foul essence took root within Jetfire spark Autobot became plagued by numerous visions. You may also view the episodes via Cartoon Network mobile app. However he is not only referred to as being that Optimus doesn believe mentioned conjunction with two other gods Mortilus and Adaptus also didn . However Magmatron has his own agendato create army from the stasis pods Axalon ejected in pilot episode of Beast Wars. In animation the show was succeeded by Beast Machines with new creative team charge of production. Fight Super Robot Lifeform Transformers. ezydvd m. S. Twelveof expressed the opinion that if something was essential to anyone Primus would have created Cybertronian turned into it. As the new arrivals battled guards stationed said temple Bazooka was drawn within Primus air intake where bestowed another vision Cybertron and Earth becoming merging into image of Megatron Expelled from Garden Traveling head Autobots Joes met Keeper who revealed them planet origins. Dual Core Processor An Alliance Tournament is happening soon Gather your members and take part this weekend event win Up Energon AlloyUp SparkUp Premium Crystal ShardsUp Guardian Crystals each containing Star type Totaliser Start Date UTC Read more

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Foreign names Japanese Primus Puraimasu Hungarian musz Az Elem first Energon dub The Element Korean Peulaimeoseu Mandarin Taiwan ss Sh ngd oti y Beast Wars cartoon Yahweh Lord of Heaven Yu nsh nz Ancestor all Spirits See also Allspark Vector Sigma External links at TFU Guiding Hand Solomus Epistemus Mortilus Adaptus Retrieved from https tfwiki mediawiki index ptitle oldid Categories Character stubs missing fictionCar Robots prizesCybertron Generation Players Fallen with three modesUniverse exclusivesWar characters Navigation Main Page Bumblebee film Cyberverse Rescue Academy Optimus Prime comic Lost Light Transformers Unicron Community portal Recent changes Random Help Search Toolbox What here Related Special pages Printable version Permanent Advertisement This was last modified August . Call of the Primitives Kiss Players timeline Primus Oracle Vector Sigma Primacron Assistant aaaargh


  • Modes of Production Wings Universe While investigating the killing delegation from Twin Star Continuum Apelinq had vision word Hunter wall and pointed it out. For the first time it would be possible Unicron to strike at Primus in all realities simultaneously ending their cosmic feud once and

  • To ensure that Unicron would never be freed again Sparkbots Volume Primus created mighty guardian Brave Maximus who watch over it and the Earth. Robot Heroes

  • Primus was first referred to by name in profile for The Fallen printed Titan which noted that legend claimed creator Transformers and then again IDW Tales miniseries. Seeing the continued corruption of Dark Energon spreading across Cybertron Optimus Prime decided to journey deep into planet and purge infestation its source. The Dark Matrix posed as Primus on several occasions following that order to manipulate children his benefit

  • Foreign names See also External links the beginning Hold sword and say Protector of Universe Before dawn time Order Chaos existed within entity known as One. Dinobot changes sides starting as Predacon and becoming Maximal was later created artificial clone by Megatron season. His death left vacuum in Zero Space which was filled by the malevolent Dark Matrix creature

  • Primus then became one with core of Cybertron and brought life to new Cybertronians through Well All Sparks. DVD Name Ep Release dates Region Season August June Rerelease March July November Seasons October Complete Series Reception edit While the toyline was lauded for its innovative joint construction and show is overall liked by fans initially derided large portion of loyal Generation using animals dinosaurs insects instead vehicles alternate forms. When the Omega Lock is inserted into top of his planet mode and pulled back transforming sound heard two springloaded missilefiring Stellar Converter Cannons swing out

  • Optimus wondered if the Transformers meant anything to Primus beyond being means end. BotCon comics edit In the two particular Beast Wars storylines are tapped

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