[+35] Philosophy

[+35]’s philosophy is based on mutual respect, regardless of age and ability.

Remember there is always a player that is better than you.

If you on rare occasions have suspicion to a player, who is provocative, do NOT annoy the person with accusations of cheating. Instead praise his strength and tactical sense. We enjoy the good game, the nice details and the wild stunts. But we loathe the sore loser, that instead of acknowledging skills, starts accusing others of cheating, using bad excuses and suggests it was all based on luck.

But also remember that the respect is mutual. Remember that you were once a beginner as well. New players do not need to be mocked, but patiently helped, so they can learn to understand the game’s possibilities and limits.

An often used term in Counter-Strike Source is the designation Team-Killer. This childish phenomenon can result in accusations and curses of the worst kind, which is understandable. If a [+35] apparently commits a TK, then the reason might be, that the concerned person tries to pacify a Team-Killer. If not, then it was an accident, which unfortunately does happen in the heat battle on a server with Friendly Fire on.

If one of the clan’s members intentionally kills a player or does admin abuse, we would very much like to know. Write down the map, nick of the concerned admin, time and which server it happened on, and thereafter write it on over forum under Klager. We do not tolerate any of the clan members commits Team-Killing or does admin abuse in Counter-Strike Source intentionally.

To become a member of Klan [+35] you have to be at least 35 years of age.

You may only insult, humiliate and curse at other clan members for fun. Seriousness does not belong on a FFA server or GunGame server, this applies definately in terms of foreign members and visitors.

We understand that [+35] clan members who play on of the teams in the [+35]-auspice need to practice teamwork. But in the case where the teams are obviously unfair, they should change team in order to balance. This is the most fun anyway, and we prefer to be known for exactly that, instead of being some of those that slaughter innocent beginners or less talented players.

Recently we have added a new clan tag for members, who do not meet the age requirement, but still wish to be a part of [+35].

Our experience tells us, that players, especially the youngest, are not always what they seem to be. This has naturally something to do with the way one is at that age. This is quite understandable for some of the older and more mature player, but despite that recognition, we do not wish to have a server for too much childishness.

A consequence of that, we only recruit or [TO] Try Out members, that we know personally, or act mature and prober when they have played against us.

Rules for direct admission of family related members (Father/Son/Daughter-rule) WHAT IS DAD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN, PLEASE GIVE ANY PROPOSALS

We have open registration of new members in all the clans, as long as you meet the age requirement. Only exception for applicants under that age requirement is that they have been invited by a current [+35] member.