[+35] Server Rules

[+35] server are not what you are used to.

When you play on a [+35] server you are participating in a special experience, compared to many other CSS servers.

[+35] was founded on an idea, to make a place for older players, where they could have fun and feel at home.

If you visualise CSS servers as a room in a house, then the [+35] servers would be a perfect mix of an office, workshop and a man cave.

After a long time on many other servers, we would call them: nurseries.

The [+35]’s enjoy a good game based on gentlemanship, friendly players and opponents, with a little chit-chat during the breaks. Most of the time though we are just big children, who want to have as much fun as possible.

The [+35]’s do not have as much time as younger players, therefore the time on our servers has to be "QUALITY TIME". That means that the teams without hassle have to be fair, and we are nice to eachother, and we play as a team and not every man for himself, except on our gungame server.

This will result in maximum fun.

The [+35]’s don’t like "thats a long list" but you know it:

Whining and accusing others of cheating
Bad language
Idiotic nicks
Purposely TD or TK
Bunny Jumping

... and everything else we see fit.

If you live up to our standards, then you will experience an environment, where patience isn’t called camping, and where accidental TK/TD is just a fun thing (also for the victim).

You will experience, that other players will sacrifice their precious game time to help you with your problems (CSS, computer, anything). You will also experience, that you will return to the server, because you become friends with the other players - whether you are a [+35] or not. We have a lot of friend, that feel more at home with other clans but will come visit, when they are in the mood for our humor.

If the things above interest you, then the rest is NOT for you.

If you do not like our philosophy, then you will realise, that you have nothing to do with us, "not on the servers nor on our forum". You will be much better off, finding a different server.

However if you choose to keep hanging around, and act in a way that we do not like, then be prepared to be slapped, kicked or banned.

The [+35]’s will do this, to have a little fun at your expense, now that you have stolen some of the time, where we were supposed to have fun.

It is not because we do not like you, we do like (almost) all CSS-players, it is because of the many players in the CSS community, that there is room for a server like ours with OUR rules.

However that does not mean that you like us, and so what!? It is a good thing that the CSS-world is this big. It does not phase us, that you want to spend time being mad at us. We do not have the time to worry about that.

Have fun playing, wherever you choose to play.